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Cleanup and restoration have begun!

2006 - Year of Tesla's 150th Birthday

Dec. 5 Yuri, K3BU and Rick, K2XT braved the cold weather, freezing temps and blowing wind and cleared brush by the road leading to the parking lot. Inspected the roof and so far fixes are holding, more leaks are still to be fixed. CQ 160 meter contest results came out and K3BU operating from W8LRL place #1 in US and new US record on CW and #1 US and #2 World on SSB.

November 25 - 26 Busy month for Teslians, doing other commitments. Yuri operated in CQ WW CW contest. Doing some paper work. We welcome John Bensch and Angela Santoriello to our Tesla family.

November 2 Yuri, K3BU and Rick, K2XT repaired two of the major damaged areas on the roof. One more 30 ft gap needs to be repaired.

October 31 Yuri, K3BU and Rick, K2XT repaired the broken off set of guy wires on 100 ft LP tower. Inspected roof damage, cleared more brush.

October 28, 29 CQ WW Phone contest, contribute your points to your (FRC) club competition.

October 24 Yuri, K3BU and Rick, K2XT cleared more brush and weeds, coooold day. We fixed the hinges on the shack door, installed locks, fixed outside door. Inspected the roof above the shack and found the problem. Next party we will try to fix it. Welcome to Dean, KB2RBQ as a new member.

October 13 Working on the design of stationary, certificates and updating web pages, adding photos to the photo library.

October 10 Work around grounds, brush clearing. Presentation to Berkeley Township Committee about the status of the project and request for further assistance. Welcoming new members K2XT, N3RS and KA2EGD.

September 22,23 Working party, clearing the grounds from overgrowth, polishing the floors inside, start fixing shack walls and roof leak. Combination lock at the main entrance was fixed and made operational. Tnx Jim, WA2RJP.

September 15 Adding W3TX, K1DQV and K4UU to our member/mailing list.

September 12 Antennas survived the hurricane winds. Removal of the weeds around the building, weed killer sprayed, securing the locks.

August 28 -30 Major cleanup has been done, windows in the shack repaired and replaced. Antenna field inspected, Rhombics need repair, guy wires on the LP need to be repaired as soon as tide goes out to lower levels. Moved aluminum tower for future 160m vertical.

August 28    This whole week Yuri will be at the house and working on restoration and antenna repairs. Anyone available please contact Yuri and advise of your schedule at K3BU@optonline.net

August 27    Meeting/Party: 2 pm at Tesla House tour of the site, at 3 pm BBQ party at K3BU beach house (RSVP please) All had great time with W8LRL, N2AA, N2NC, K3BU, WA2RJP telling the low band stories and contest tales. Wal's famous chili was out of this world!

August 26    Presentation about Tesla RC project "Building Contest Super Station" at Boxboro, MA Convention

August        Clearing grounds from the overgrowth. Vacuuming the shack and cleared rooms. Fixing windows.

July            Cleanup continues, basement pumped out, windows repair, storage room and washrooms cleared.

July 15      Celebrated Tesla's 150th birthday - operating as N2T in the IARU - WRTC Contest, made 950 QSOs in low power category.

June 21     Sorting out of parts and cleanup in the storage room, sorting documentation, inspection of electrical wiring. Continuing cleanup.

June 20    Updated web site, sent email to current members and some members of old AT&T reflector.

June 16    First working party at the Tesla Radio House (TRH). Stripping the blistered walls and floor in the Storage Room. Getting rid of pigeons and closing up broken windows. Stripping the blistered walls and cleanup of the shack to be. Taking broken windows for repair. Gathering the scattered documentation. Township arranged for the refuse containers. About 5 feet of water in the basement was duly noted and steps made to inspect the electrical system and preparation for activation and pumping out the water.
Done by: Don, K2HCW; Don, WA2MHA and XYL; Yuri, K3BU

May/June        Yuri, K3BU informed ARES and SJARS clubs about the project and invited members to join the Tesla RC.  The consensus is that the best structure for the project to succeed is to have Tesla Radio Foundation as an umbrella for Tesla Radio Club, Tesla Museum and Tesla Theater. At this point, there are no membership dues, just involvement with restoration. Tours of the building were performed and amount of necessary repairs and work was noted and sequence of necessary steps outlined. Bob, WX2NJ and Don, K2HCW have offered and encouraged cooperation of their respective club members to join the Tesla RC and participate in the project. It was concluded that the First Phase will start immediately with major cleanup, restoration of the electricity, necessary repairs and setup of N2EE station to fire up on Tesla's Birthday July 10th.



December    Berkeley Township leases the "AT&T Building" to Tesla Radio Foundation Inc.


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