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Howdy Hams, AT&T and Tesla Aficionados,

We are in the process of restoration and setup of the Bayville "Tesla House" - the old Ocean Gate AT&T site.
I am still a bit busy with various unexpected or unscheduled events, but trying to do my best, sorting out the workload and making arrangements to have more and more time available at Bayville. So please bare with me and lets try to do the best under the conditions.

I am slowly updating the www.TeslaRadio.org web site and the latest news and schedule for activity at the site will be posted there. Please check it from time to time.

We will also have TeslaRadio reflector which is limited to current members and use it for dissemination of latest news, ideas and happenings.

I tried to post through old OceanGate reflector, to reach the AT&T bunch, but it appears to be closed and I sent emails to some of the people that I managed to decipher their emails, so far no response from any of them.

We see three major groups/phases of the project:

Phase A. - Restoration, Radio Club setup.

1. Clean up. Scraping loose paint from the walls. Repairing surface of the walls, painting.
Clearing grounds from weeds, brush, repair of hardware.
2. Repair of floors, cleanup, painting.
3. Restoring electric power, checkup of generator.
4. Repair of windows, doors, cleanup and painting.
5. Pumping out water, check and restoration of basement, sump pump. Activating toilets.
6. Inspection of roof and repair of any leaks.
7. Safety and security measures, guards, locks, video surveillance system
8. Internet service and internal network setup.
9. Start set up and equipping of HF and VHF radio room.
10. Inspect antenna field, catalog the antennas and feedlines, repair damaged.
11. Installation of additional towers and antennas.
12. Equipping of radio room for individual band stations, networking, remote control.
13. Refrigerator and cooking counter, patio table.
14. Library, computer system server and sleeping quarters.
15. Technical lab and workshop.

Phase B - Theater, Meeting Facilities.

1. Clean and paint main floor meeting room.
2. Paint and protect existing fixtures, power distribution and battery power systems.
3. Design and installation of multimedia theater equipment.
4. Obtaining tables, chairs, decoration and exhibit panels.
5. Food preparation room, refrigerators, cooking appliances.
6. Souvenir and memorabilia store.
7. Work with local groups and public in utilizing the theater.

Phase C - Museum

1. AT&T Site Museum.
Preserving antennas, distribution system, generator and infrastructure, some transmitters. Collection of archive materials, displays and library, web site. Generation of multimedia presentation for the shows in the theater. Ongoing collection, archiving and displaying of items related to AT&T activity.

2. Tesla Museum.
Exhibits relating to Tesla's radio and communications achievements. Building giant Tesla Coil, obtain some exhibits, populate library, populate the web site and generate multimedia shows for the theater.

3. Ham Radio Museum.
Library, exhibits, material related to communications "Hamming it from Tesla to Satellites". Promoting and highlighting ham radio activities in various areas. Web site and multimedia presentations.

We Have registered Tesla Radio Foundation, Inc. a 501 (c)3 Not For Profit NJ Corporation as an umbrella organization for the above three departments/phases, we have the PO Box 9 and a Bank Account. We can solicit donations and contributions of material and services from individuals and corporations and provide tax deductible receipts. We need to approach potential donors, like Lowes and Home Depot for materials, JCP&L for electrical service, Comcast for Internet service, businesses for donating the material or services.

I believe that we can successfully coordinate above groups, complement each other and achieve self-sufficiency in maintaining this unique site and serve the public while enjoying representing the country in the international contests, educating the youth and public about local history and Tesla and serve as a meeting place.

At the present time we are inviting anyone willing to devote some time or resources to our project to join the Tesla Radioclub. There are no dues, just "sweat equity". If you are interested in this exciting project, please let me know which group/phase, or what are you willing to contribute, your skills and timing.

So far we have:
Yuri, K3BU - coordinating the project, design, equipping the station and antennas
Don, K2HCW - "water works", bathrooms, facility
Don, WA2MHA - generator reactivation, pest patrol
Jim, WA2RJP - electrician, mechanic
and many others coming and going as time permits them

We need:
Fundraiser and material solicitor
Legal advisor
Museum curators
Contributors to exhibits
Graphics designers, sign making.
Antenna maintenance "mankey"
Anyone with connections to get any free material or services as outlined above, please let us know.
AT&T, JCP&L, Comcast, Home Depot, Lowes, ???

We had the unofficial opening and dedication on July 10th - Tesla's 150th birthday and operated from the site as N2T in the IARU Contest.
Please pass this info to anyone you know with possible interest in the project.

Let's Roll!!!

Yuri Blanarovich, K3BU@optimum.net


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Last modified: 03/07/12